It's well after sunset where I am, and a number of things have been on my mind lately. Namely, the ethics of being a mentally ill person. How should one define one's behavior when in the grips of a depressive episode, or during a panic attack, or even when we simply feel more anxious than... Continue Reading →

Biological Self Care and Coping Pt This One

Oh, my goodness, this post got SO big I decidced to split it into two. In this post, we'll be focusing on direct chemical remedies. Before we go ahead, I'm putting up the disclaimer that in this post we'll be discussing things you put in your body to affect it. Some are Pharmaceutical, some considered... Continue Reading →

Week Three: Philosophy: WHY???

What comes to your mind when you think of Philosophy? Is it an old man with impressive head and facial hair asking you questions that drive you insane, or giving a┬ádroning lecture that you use as an extra nap? That one guy you dated your senior year of high school who kept quoting some guy... Continue Reading →

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