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Hi friends!

I’m assuming since you’re here, you like what you’ve seen on this blog and want to support further content!

Support is not required for this blog. I don’t run a Patreon or any Kickstarter like page, so you have no worries on missing out on any “extra” goodies.

Instead, I have two ways of supporting this blog. one, is through Amazon’s Affiliate program. All Affiliate links will always be transparently signaled by this symbol: ∴ These will usually be items like books, like on my Great Reads page. If Affiliate links rub you the wrong way, the full title will always be provided so you can find a copy yourself.

The second way is through Liberapay. Liberapay is a non-profit donation platform. There are no tiers and no special rewards, but any donations you’d like to give are nice.

Any donations will help me to spend more time working on this blog, as all I can do right now is when I have free time. I take as much time as needed to research and cultivate each post so I can give you the maximum amount of Information in the best format.

If you do choose to donate, thank you very, very much!

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