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Oh, Jeeze. These things. Do I go first person? Third person? TMI? Vague? These are the questions.

Well, first off, I’m in the same boat as many of you reading this site. I’ve spent untold amounts of time struggling with Anxiety and Depression.

I work currently as a Licenced Massage Therapist in an office where I see all kinds of clients, from sports injuries to chronic conditions like Fibro and Arthritis, or clients dealing with chronic or acute stressors. I have also received training in yoga and other meditative exercises, and am currently teaching at a local studio! I am also currently in the middle of aquireing a specialization in Human Movement and corrective exercise.

Massage and Yoga required me to attend a certified program, but in other areas, I am primarily self-taught, though I would not turn down the opportunity to pursue more higher education if circumstance allowed. (Circumstance does not allow.)

You’ll rarely, if never, hear a peep out of me regarding my opinions and views on the more inflammatory subjects like politics and religion, primarily due to that not being the subject of this blog, so just don’t ask. 😀 If they do come up, as they are important, and certain related subjects can affect one’s mental health, you’ll get as close as one can get to straight facts.

I have always been a bit of a nerd. I love the Physical Sciences, as well as Humanities, but my favorite thing to read up on is Fantasy. You may notice a strong trend of Tolkien being one of my (current) favorite authors. If I’m not reading, I’m either playing video games that have puzzle elements to them like Zelda, Final Fantasy, or Dark Souls, watching some manner of lecture or documentary series on YouTube while painting with watercolors, spending time with close friends or family, and enjoying the mountains near my home. I’m lucky enough to live right in a gorgeous and underrated section of the Rocky Mountains, in the basin of a long-gone lake, and surrounded by National Parks and Forests. I love to cook and bake, and this year I’ve set my goal to learn how to bake all manner of things like pastries and breads!

I don’t watch much TV, so please don’t ask if I’ve seen Stranger Things. Just don’t.

A list of books to read was once here. It has been moved to the Great Reads page.

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