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Ah jeeze. It seems I have a yearly habit of getting antsy, and taking on more than I can handle. Usually around the summer. If I seem AWOL at the moment, it’s because I did just that. But. I’m done now. I promise. I learned a lot. Like. That I don’t want to be that busy ever again.

So I’m back to being able to write again! It’s a beautiful feeling and I’m happy to be back. I have so many half-finished drafts that are just weeping to be published.

In other news, I’ve also been plagued by an idea for a new project. I spent the better part of a month trying to justify fitting it into this blog but just couldn’t.

I’m also a literary writer, and not just a bloggy lady. I really enjoy writing short stories, and also am working on a novel. I also have a lot of introspective and personal thoughts that don’t quite fit the theme of this blog, but I’ve been dying to put out into the world. So. I made up another blog. These things were getting written anyways and now I have a place to stash them and people to read them. If you’re interested, please head on over and give a follow. Many of the thoughts and stories will be focused on sorting myself out, putting some of my thoughts on life and growing into words, and also turning my dream diary into fully fleshed stories.

You can see the posts here.

Thanks for all your support and thanks for those of you (if any) who checked their feed to see where the hell I was.


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