Weekend Article Roundup III… From Last Week.

Ah, I’m sorry friends. The past two weeks have been a bit crazy and got away from me entirely. (between multiple birthdays, work, an internship and helping out a friend with some life problems…) So here’s what I wanted to give you for your pleasure of weekend reading. (Hopefully now that all that’s over, I can get back to writing! I have way too many things backed up in my drafts and brain.)

Neuroscience News offers this study that encourages the idea that Mindful movement may lower stress and anxiety. Movement simply like taking a walk, and focusing on what you are doing while walking.

Quartz brings us a great article on the roots of yoga. That Yoga was never suppose to be about physical exercise. The article analyzes the modern day conceptions and backtracks to the original teachings as we understand them.

BBC writes how faking your feelings at work can be damaging, basically, how putting up a facade vs genuinely immersing yourself emotionally into work affects you in the long run. I recommend it could be extended not just to work, but your personal life as well.

Inverse brings us more neuroscience of your brain on meditation and Quartz talks about a study that found that People’s egos get bigger after contemporary meditation and Yoga. The study argues that these practices inflate the ego, and that is what elevates mood, not the cessation of ego. Quartz offers an alternative explanation for the findings of the study, they point out that most people practice Buddhist inspired meditation without having a Buddhist mindset.

Once again into exercise, if I haven’t managed to convince you of it already Lifting weights can lift your mood. It’s not just cardio with awesome anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. 😀 If you’ve literally never lifted weights in your life before, please, please, please get either a buddy who legit knows what they’re doing, or hire a personal trainer to show you how. Lifting weights requires very good, precise body mechanics and technique that will prevent you from injuring yourself. Most people do not have these mechanics naturally. Look for a trainer that uses Functional Training. You do not need to jump into Olympic Weight Lifting or Body Building type lifts. In fact, you shouldn’t just jump into those things.

Modern Stoicism asked, Is Stoicism easier for some than others? Personally, I don’t think in general Stoicism was meant to be an easy practice. That’s why you must practice it. It’s not an intrinsic way of thinking. It must be cultivated.

And for pure giggles, here’s The philosophy of a Very Good Boy. Yes. philosophy about doggos. We all need something good in our weeks. And dogs are a great way to get it. (even if you don’t want to own one.) 😀

I believe that life is a game, that life is a cruel joke, and that life is what happens when you’re alive and you might as well lie back and enjoy it.

Neil Gaiman, American Gods

As always, I’m no professional and am not claiming to be one. Don’t take my word as gospel, and always check with an actual professional before changing your lifestyle or diet because it’s complicated.

And I am still not affiliated with any of these links, I merely use them for information!

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