Weekend Roundup III

Welcome back, and congratulations on making it through another week. Quite a lot happened between these posts. Shall we jump into it then?

A recent study has linked exercise and the effects it has on your personality. The article is a simple summary, with a link to the study at the bottom. (or I could just put it right here.) The traits identified as being affected (according to the Big Five Model) were Extroversion, the domain of positive emotion, Conscientiousness, a trait that helps keep Neuroticism in check and helps you keep your life in order, Agreeableness, and Openness. Exercise seems to enhance these traits while remaining sedentary seems to deplete them. This could be another link in how exercise helps to combat depression, as Big Five Factors can influence your susceptibility to disorders like depression and anxiety.

While it seems a bit more on the side of New Agey/Pop-psychology, this article on Shadow work has a pretty decent covering of Jung’s Shadow. Perhaps it will resonate with some of you.

In the not-totally-disheartening news, a major study on the Mediterranean diet, and all of its incredible benefits has been retracted after some issues with the study were found. That’s not to say that the diet isn’t still great for you and doesn’t offer any benefits. It’s just not the panacea we were all hoping it was.

New research is uncovering the neuroscientific backing to face your fears, so if you wanted hard science as to why you should go up against your hypothetical dragon, we’re finding it.

In more-shitty-news, research is finding that many prescription drugs, that as many as 1 in 3 Americans take, increase your risk of depression. I’d recommend seeing if you’re on the list.

Also, researchers believe they have identified a new type of depression. The possible type of depression centers around a hormone regulating gene that regulates mood, and the body’s need to eat or sleep. The research team believes that this disruption to the genes may explain why anti-depressants such as SSRIs don’t work for all cases of depression.

I wouldn’t say that I love running. I would more accurately say that I love finishing a run. I love the after effect of running. I can say something quite the same about seated meditation. Which is a segway into this next article from Elite Daily on Mindful running, which is a type of moving meditation that is intended to get you into your body, here and now, and help you figure out mentally how to get where you want to go. If running is really not your thing, you can always try a walking meditation or a yoga class.

Suicide was a big news thing this past week, as the deaths of well-known figures like Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade brought it roaring to the foreground. But celebrity suicide isn’t the only thing making headlines. Suicide rates are up an averaged 30% in the U. S. since 1999, which is a really big number. But the U.S. isn’t the only country with high suicide rates, in fact, they aren’t even the highest. World Population Review has a crude suicide rate by country, and it’s pretty tough. Experts fear that rising suicide rates may be connected to declining access to mental health care.

I wrote a bit more extensively on this with my Wednesday Post. And while this article was in that post, for those who haven’t read yet, I think that these 10 lessons learned from studying suicide are pretty damn important to anyone wanting to understand it. (regardless of if you are the one contemplating, or have a loved one who attempted, or succeeded.)

So, using his pride like a shield against despair, dejection, and–most importantly– self-pity, Raoden raised his head to stare damnation in the eyes.

Brandon Sanderson, Elantris

As always, some of these links may take you to places trying to sell you something. And as always, I remain unaffiliated with them. I am merely using them for the information they contain.

This blog is a resource center. I am not a medical professional, and as such, nothing here is meant to diagnose, nor should this blog be a singular means to treat any disease or disorder.

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      1. My sister refuses to take her cholesterol medication because it causes her to be depressed. “research has demonstrated that patients may be vulnerable to depression, violence, or suicidality during the first month of statin use” -https://www.empr.com/features/statins-and-depression-too-much-of-a-good-thing/article/305974/

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      2. thank you, I will check into it and share with her. We both need to do something, I have it as well. I take omegas, am vegetarian,and try to exercise in an effort to get mine down.

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      3. It’s pretty yucky. I think with diet, it counts more on your macro nutrient balance than the type of diet. I think it’s something like the combination of a high carb intake coupled with fats that gets people, if I’m remembering correctly.

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