Weekend Article Roundup

So I’ve been posting a lot of neat articles here recently. Sharing the good word, as it seems. And I’ve figured I’d probably be a lot better to just do a weekly news roundup of all the Posts From Not-Me.

Because I like things nicely grouped.

So here’s to Week One of the Roundup. (Some articles are newly published, others, not so much…)

In odd but interesting news, Researchers at The U in Utah have connected high altitudes with depression and anxiety, and suggest that the low oxygen levels can even impact the success of an antidepressant working- or the potential for it to make your depression worse.

LiveScience reports on how much exercise some researchers believe to be the minimum needed to gain the mental benefits of exercise. Spoiler, it’s reported in the odd format of 52 hours over 6 months. Like. Cumulatively, over six months. (and no. You can’t only exercise for six months and then never again.) This research also didn’t see much of a difference between low impact movement (like yoga, walking, and Tai chi,) and high impact (like weight training and cardio). The point is to get moving, and keep moving somewhat consistently.

Business Insider reports (somewhat unsurprisingly) that the Mediterranean and MIND diets are among the best for curbing and possibly preventing depressive symptoms. They also point out that processed foods are terrible for you and your brain. Good reminder article for those of us who need a boost in our diet changing ways.

This Care2 article has some great simple ways of taking care of yourself to avoid burnout and other nasty things. Great simple but powerful ideas like cleaning your home, taking a walk, or doing a daily positivity/gratitude journal. Plus 15 other equality great ideas.

If you’re feeling particularly Existential today, this compilation of quotes from philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre from Flavorwire is right up your alley. My favorites are “Life begins on the other side of despair.” and “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the world, he is responsible for everything he does.”

For the more down to earth, yet still philosophical, Big Think offers an article on Nietzsche’s own particular brand of philosophy, how it relates to psychology and how we can apply it!

If you’ve come across any neat articles this week, put them up in the comments!

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